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One Protein Source, 10 Easy Delicious Meals

The one question I get most when training new clients is, "What should I eat to get all that protein?" The rule of thumb is to consume 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. Chicken breast, protein shakes, and cans of tuna do get old. My favorite way to meal prep and have a good variety is to buy a big batch of extra lean ground turkey. The options are endless, and they are all quick, healthy, and easy.

1) Add taco seasoning. Use it for tacos or burritos. My favorite tortillas are Ole' low carb high fiber tortillas. Or of you're going low carb, use lettuce leaves as taco shells.

2) Make taco salad. Add taco seasoning and put on top of a salad with some salsa and/or sour cream (Or whatever dressing fits your macros).

3) Make meatloaf.

4) Then later a meatloaf sandwich on p28 bread, lettuce leaf, or grilled portobello mushroom.

5) Make meatballs or meat sauce with low sugar marinara. Serve over high fiber pasta, or if low-carb, serve alone, over spaghetti squash, or over Shirataki spaghetti (I like Pasta Zero).

6) Then later a meatball sub on p28 bread.

7) Turkey burgers. Either eat them on p28 bread, on a grilled portobello, using a lettuce leaf as the bun, or bunless covered in some sort of gravy or sauce.

8) Make turkey stroganoff by mixing it with a can of Campbell's low fat cream of mushroom soup. Eat as is, over rice, or over a piece of bread.

9) Make chili by mixing it with a can of Bush's Best Grillin' Beans. The lowest sugar/carb flavors are Texas Ranchero or Black Bean Fiesta.

10) Use chili to make chili cheese baked potatoes.

Some other ideas: Sloppy Joes, stuffed cabbage, stuffed bell peppers, stuffed mushrooms, Italian wedding soup

See? Easy!


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