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The fundamental key to success in bodybuilding, as in most things in life, is foregoing immediate gratification and making choices that ensure the best result in the long run. It is a constant battle. Consistently making the best long-term choices is not easy. 

So how do I stay motivated through all the challenges and temptations? I plan ahead, find healthy activities and foods I love, make variety a priority, keep good records, reward myself when I meet small goals, surround myself with people who share my passion, take pride in motivating others, and allow myself rest and breaks. All these tools help me stay on track when I would rather lay on the couch drinking beer and eating nachos.

Although I am fortunate that I have always been self-motivated, I have my share of times of weakness. In these times, my greatest help has been my best friend. I met Alexis about two years ago at a bootcamp for our bodybuilding team. We hit it off right away, because we shared the same goals, habits, priorities, interests, and work ethic. We lean on each other if either of us needs a boost, a shoulder, a workout buddy, someone who isn't going to criticize our diet, or to listen to our complaints about everything from water retention to cravings. 

I highly recommend a good fitness buddy (or a few). I could have never come this far without it. Consider this person like your AA sponsor. Call on them when you are considering bailing on a workout or eating that Krispy Kreme donut, or quitting training altogether. If you do none of the other motivation techniques I mentioned, this single change can have the biggest impact on your success.

I have come to fulfill the role of motivation/fitness buddy for quite a few people, and it actually helps me to stay on track, as well. I don't want to let these people down. Their success is important to me, and mine to them. Don't do it alone. People who share a passion for fitness are everywhere. Learn from them, teach them and embrace them, because the rest of the wold thinks we are all crazy!  

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